Testimony from Mr. and Mrs. Oliver and Tricia Gallevo – Hyatt Hotel and Casino (February 2007)

(Dubao based couple wed on February 2007 at Le Salon, Hyatt Hotel and Casino)

testimonials14Wedding preparations are really very stressful and tiring and since my hubby and I are bothe based abroad, we agreed to hire a wedding organizer to help and assist us all the way til our big day. Ours was a bit different from others since we also had the christening of our son Shaun Patrick on the same day we exchanged vows. I thought that wouldn’t be possible because wedding alone is so hard to prepare already but with Berlyn’s help, we were able to make it happen. I can only say that Berlyn really knows her craft. She was there to help me the day I first emailed her to inquire on how to start witht all the wedding preparations. She provided us with all the best suppliers she knows in the wedding industry. She gave me a lot of good ideas and informations with regard to souvenirs, invitations, gown design, etc. She didn’t fail us. She is very professional to work with and she make sure that her clients are comfortable with her. So I’d like to thank her again and her staff for making our big day a very memorable one. Our families, relatives and friends really had a great time. They can only say nothing but good comments and praises about our wedding and it just feels so good to hear them all. Thanks so much Berlyn! Hope to see you when we get home.