Testimony from Mr. and Mrs. Jason and Carmie Baretto (March 2, 2007)

(Married on March 2, 2007 at Antonio’s Bed and Breakfast, Tagaytay)

testimonials13I started early working on my wedding. As a bride browses through a wedding magazine, she could probably pick two or three suppliers at once. After going the bridal exhibits, the more confused I got with what my options are. The good thing about going to exhibits is you get a discount from their regular price. I have attended a few and that’s how I came to see Berlyn.

She knows that I have qualms on hiring a wedding coordinator. I told her that I only have a very small and intimate wedding/reception at Antonio’s Farm. I even told her that my sisters could probably help me with the coordination. But then, as the days passed by, my guest list ballooned! I thought to myself, I really need help this time if I want my dream wedding to come out flawlessly

Going back to her email, I read her service inclusions and why I need to hire a wedding planner. I called her up and set a date for us to meet without second thoughts.

Berlyn is so nice; she comes up with brilliant and unique ideas which you can incorporate on you ceremony or during the events program. She is very professional to work with. She dutifully follows my requests to wishes. She never fails to make a follow-up on my suppliers as well. Her staff and also friendly and very pleasant. Berlyn made sure she’s there when I needed her during the entire evening. If there were small changes to be made, she granted it with a smile on her face.

Trust me when I say this. All brides are stressed our even on the eve of her wedding day. There were guests who backed out last minute and good thing, Berlyn was always there when I needed to phone her up even on a bad signal. She will make you feel calm and worry-free, plus her warm voice every time you ring her gives comfort. She is not like other suppliers who can’t even return a call, text or email!

harassed supplier during the eventJBerlyn is one of the people who contributed a major part in my wedding she will always be a friend even after the wedding. Being a wedding planner is not an easy and glamourous job at all; I think they are the most .

It has been a pleasure working with you, kiddo! More power and more brides to be!!!