Testimony from Mr. and Mrs. Em and Mj Bayaras – Caleruega (December 13, 2008)

(Canada based couple wed on December 13, 2008 at Veritas Hall, Caleruega)

testimonials7For you and your team….

I have spared myself of a lot of stress having Berlyn and her team on our side on our wedding day! (-mj-)

Blissful Occasion allowed us to enjoy our special day as we have chosen to enjoy the day ourselves. The team dealt with the minor details we might miss, took care of the major tasks so we can relax, and played and laughed with us as if affirming that we have done a great job at putting that whole occasion together.
We are very grateful to you all for the help you have extended us. We appreciate the suggestions and the choices you have made for us (choices that have been done in good taste) to lessen the things we have to deal with. We appreciate the patience and industry you have shown while working with us. And we thank you too for understaing that we just wanted the best for our wedding day.

We wish you whole lot more weddings to come….. Cheers!