Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Kit Ortanez – Le Souffle (March 14, 2009)

(Married on March 14, 2009 at Le Souffle, The Fort)

Thanks Berlyn! The wedding was great. We are going home tomorrow.


Testimony from Mr. and Mrs. Ian and Charm Gatchalian
(Married on December 30, 2008 at Courtyard, Fernwood Gardens)

bird-wedding-cake-toppers1“We loved our wedding! It was not perfect but it was what and how we envisioned it to be…elegant, romantic and magical. It was truly memorable. Having Berlyn as our coordinator to help us plan our wedding was one of the best things we decided to do (besides getting married to each other) because she made everything possible for us. She guided us into choosing our suppliers carefully and gave us lots of wonderful and creative ideas whenever we can’t come up with anything.

In a fairytale-like wedding that we had, Berlyn became our fairy godmother who made all our wishes and dreams come true.”